Not a real Italian

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CA

I live abroad. I had to quit Italy because of our lousy economic and political situation.

You never make a choice like this with no regrets, especially when you already have a very satisfying life with wonderful friends.

But it happens you are also ambitious, flexible and want to discover the world so you go for it.

I have friends all over the world, from a lot of different countries and what strikes me the most is one peculiar thing they use to say, just like the Italians do: “you’re not Italian”

  1. The fact I don’t look like one is a detail but it counts
  2. I don’t eat pasta or pizza and a lot of Italian staff when I am abroad (the explanation is easy, no-one in the world is able to reproduce certain kinds of masterpieces!)
  3. I don’t like Parmigiano
  4. I don’t drink wine
  5. I don’t drink coffee
  6. I drink cappuccino at any time of the day
  7. I cut pasta. It is a sort of sacrilege, I am aware of it!
  8. I don’t like cooking, I couldn’t care less… but I like to eat!
  9. I don’t like mozzarella di bufala!
  10. I am an atheist
  11. I don’t believe in marriage
  12. I don’t like children
  13. I have an accent in every language I speak but sometimes it is not Italian!
  14. I don’t care about make-up and clothes. I do an effort when I am working
  15. I don’t like Ferrari and I am not able to tell the difference between a car and another. To me the only thing that changes is the color!
  16. I speak 6 languages and I enjoy learning them!
  17. I am not a nationalist. I think we have a lot of nice things but I can be objective and see all the mess we made in politics, in our prejudices and so on.
  18. When I am abroad I never go out with Italians. Yes, of course I have Italian friends wherever I go but I like to know other cultures and exchange with them
  19. I don’t care about soccer – football and do not even like it!

The list could continue for sure but this is what I could retain after years and years of critics among laughs.

There is one thing you do not consider when you remark one of the things above.

The fond, deep, inextinguishable love for my country! I have thought for ages that all that came from abroad was much more fascinating than what we had and this must have been the punishment for thinking it!

Now that I am staying abroad I am appreciating my country like I never did before.

But the question is: do we really need a passport to tell us who we are? There are people who were born abroad and do not even speak the language but love and know Italy maybe better than I do!

There are people who reflect the “cliché” of the standard Italian much better than me but who says that it is a good thing?

I don’t believe in borders, yes we have them, it is a matter of fact but do not let them define who you are!

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