London – Oxford Street by night

Last time I came to London it was on 2003… it’s been a long time and at the beginning I really did not know what to expect!

I used to live here, people used to say that you can only love this city or hate it from the bottom of your heart.

I have never hated it but eventually I couldn’t stand its lousy weather anymore!

One day I came back home (Rome) for a few days in December and there I realized how unhappy I was.

Though I was young and having fun, I felt there was something I was missing more than everything and that was the sun!

I needed it! So when I came back to London I have started planning to leave.

I know it was the right choice because I have never regretted it.

What is strange to me is this strange sense of homesick that I have been experiencing lately, while planning my appointments for WTM and also strolling down Oxford Street made me want to come back for more than a few days.

The occasion has been WTM so I did not really had the time to enjoy the city but the first night I took the pictures you can see in this post.

I am not a Xmas fan but I’ll have to admit that the view was magical, even in the narrow streets.

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