Athens – Partenon


Visiting the Parthenon on a rainy day is quite an uncommon experience.


Visiting it after so many years I was longing to do it, it has been just a like a dream that comes true.


Visiting it alone, on my own, it has been one of the most emotional thing I have ever done. btr

I have felt so tiny, so small and so grateful for being here. btr

It is usually a feeling that I get from watching the stars but the Parthenon brought me back to an ancient era. btr

Just like a travel into space and time. btr

I couldn’t ask for more and it has been one of my favorite visit ever! btrhdr

I am also glad that I have not believed to all those people that in all these years kept on saying it was disappointing, poorly entertained and things like this… dav

I won’t never forget the emotion of being here and P can’t wait for the next time I will come back! btr

I have always felt a sort of fascination for Ancient Greece, much more than the Ancient Rome. dav

Though I am Roman this trip has just been like coming back home! dav

It’s a strange feeling that I really could not explain! digdigbtrbtrbtr

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