Rome – Trattoria I Cacciatori

I have been a vegetarian for roughly 10 years, then I became anemic because, at the time, I had not the time to integrate proteins so my doctor forced me to eat meat once again.

Nowadays I rarely eat meat and this is one of the very few times I do it!

Trattoria I Cacciatori is located in Genzano (Via Italo Belardi, 78), a small village nearby Rome.

Bruschetta alla Pizzaiola

Bruschetta alla Pizzaiola

This kind of pasta is called “Pappardelle”, they are usually that large and handmade. The meat is boar.

Pappardelle in bianco al cinghiale

Pappardelle in bianco al cinghiale



This is my favorite sweet ever and despite what one can think it is not that easy to prepare a good tiramisù, one who really deserves this name!



Don’t care about the shape, the taste is the most important thing, it passed the test with the maximum of my personal votes!


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