Melbourne – Skyscrapers (Part 1)

The first city I have visited in Australia has been Melbourne.

I have landed there 2 years ago and deeply fell in love with it!

People say that it is the most European city and maybe it is but in my humble opinion it has a unique charm that not even the bad weather can impact!


16 thoughts on “Melbourne – Skyscrapers (Part 1)

  1. Agree! Melbourne is a fabulous city and you have great photos of it. BTW, did you know that the building on the right in the 6th and 8th photos had a fire? Very scary. The building has clading similar to that on the Grenfell Tower that had a deadly fire in 2017. Fortunately the fire was controlled quickly with only property damage.


  2. Melbourne is the city of my birth, although I have not lived there for many years. I do like to visit. You are right about Brisbane, very little history here. It was such a small town until modern times. Many Victorians are moving to Queensland now – as they like the weather better. I kind of like Melbourne’s generally cooler weather and dry hot summers.


      1. I was there just for holiday but I think I would love to live there 😍 and yes, it is very “European” but with a lovely touch of upside-down! 😂


      2. We have many folk from elsewhere. In fact, apart from the indigenous people we are an entire country of immigrants stemming back 200 years!! You would be welcome.


      3. And yes, I already felt welcome as a tourist, I can imagine that living there would be even better! I would need a working visa but who knows, maybe someday… 🤔😍

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