During our tour of New Zealand Northern side we stopped in Kawakawa for some minutes to see Undertwasser’s works.

I did not know him and this is his contribution of color to this small village.


7 thoughts on “Kawakawa

  1. Ohh, yes! I’m glad you went there, I would too! Next to the Hunderwasser Haus in Vienna, it’s closer. 🙂 Interesting info: his original surname is Stowasser but when he learned that sto means hundred in several Slavic languages (including mine, Slovenian), he changed it to Hundertwasser=one hundred waters. 🙂 I love his view of the world and his colours and uneven floors and lines. ❤


  2. Extremely colourful! Thanks for the bathroom photo! Never seen one like that before! It is very pretty but I do not think I could live in a place decorated so completely in that style.


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