Ljubljana – Saint Cyril and Methodius Church

Saint Cyril and Methodius is a Serbian orthodox Church that I have particularly loved.

It is close to the Tivoli Park and if you’re coming from the center you cannot miss it.

I have appreciated his structure and architecture but it’s strength lays in the interior.

It is richly decorated and you won’t find nor even a centimeter of its walls that has not been duly painted!

I have entered at the end of a function and I have patiently waited for people to leave.

They use to kiss a portait cover by a glass.

I couldn’t take a picture of that because they were queuing to kiss it, while I took advantage to sneak around and discretely take as many pictures as I could!

I am afraid that this pictures won’t render the idea of the beauty of this place but I was seriously impressed!


19 thoughts on “Ljubljana – Saint Cyril and Methodius Church

  1. What an amazing church! It is beutifuloutside and the interior, I don´t have words to tell how much I love it. As a vey practical person, I am thinking how long time it took to have the paintings done.


  2. Uuuuu, Flavia. You’ve got a good nose, not just eye. I shared this post on FB and added: “Never entered this church, in 43+ years. Takes a Roman woman to show me its beauty.”

    In the meantime, today has been raining ALL day heavily, we’ve got a spot on the bathroom ceiling, the dog is upset over thunder, and I’d rather be anywhere else…


    1. My dear, how strange! I have found this church pretty close to the center and it amazed me with its beauty. So after all it is true that some tourists know better a place than locals 🤔😂 I will spend the next 2 weeks in Rome. My departure has been anticipated for a bunch of reasons that is too long to explain here. So, if you want to make a tour in the Eternal City I will be glad to show you around or maybe you will be my guide!? 😊😉

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      1. This is a most wonderful invitation and I’d love that very much. We will do it sooner or later, I’m sure. This church I look at every time I pass since it’s pretty magnificent. I have taken a photo of its door, from afar, but never even approached it or thought to enter. It’s an Orthodox church and I wouldn’t even know how to behave in there. I have problems with that in Italy too. 😀 Just not a church-goer…


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