Ljubljana – Streets at dawn

I am a morning person, often against my will! 🤪

But the big advantage is to live places just for myself, especially during weekends!

This shots have been taken in a Sunday morning of September.

I had an appointment for a guided tour of the region (more posts will follow on that subject).

I left the hostel very early on purpose to enjoy this peaceful atmosphere.

It might result hard to believe, but the city was overcrowded in those days and I got mad to find a decent place to stay without paying a fortune.

And once again thank you insomnia! 😂


30 thoughts on “Ljubljana – Streets at dawn

  1. Very nice work.
    I too am a morning person. It works out very well when we travel. While my wife sleeps in I’m out taking pictures in the fair morning light. When I’m done we have breakfast and I take her to see the places I’ve photographed.


  2. Lovely shots – I always prefer taking shots early in the morning or in the evening, at sunset. The light is just perfect, as I can see in these beautiful photographs. This city is definitely on my bucket list 🙂


  3. ho visitato Lubiana, due mesi fa circa, e ne ho ricavato, attraverso i luoghi molti dei quali presenti nelle tue foto, la sensazione di una città tranquilla e in perfetto equilibrio tra passato e futuro

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