Who am I?

I have left Nice in August and now I am back to Rome, the city where I was born.

This blog has been started for colleagues and friends but as it is public and it is read by other people all over the world I have decided to tell you something more about me.

I have a deep passion for foreign languages (I am actually learning my 6th: Greek), sea, astronomy and legends.

English is practical to reach most of you but it is not my first language so I do apologize in advance for any mistake.

I love my country but I also have this inner need to discover the world.

In this blog you will find posts and pictures of the places I have loved most, memories, reflections.

It has a personal cut, I do not mean to guide you but if I can help with any recommendation of course I will be glad to do it.


I have been working in the Tourism Industry for all of my life and the last 10 years in Hotels.

From times to times I will make a review of places I have had the luck to attend as a customer.

Do not expect any demolition paper because it is not my style.

I know how it can be difficult to deal with public and all of us can have a bad day.

For this reason I will consider only the positive experiences and I won’t be payed for writing them.

I am not an influencer but I believe in congratulating others for their efforts and successes.


All photos are mine and I don’t take credit for someone else’s work so when it is not the case I will mention the author.


For business or for leisure I will keep on travelling so, if you want, follow me!